Det 'N Nate | Instructions below

Det ‘N Nate attempts to form a competitive, social, fast-paced experience for the two players. The game pits two spies, named Det and Nate, against one another on a common track. During their run along the track, they can get points by disrupting their opponent’s path by simply elbowing them off cliffs or using more creative means to foil their foe.

            This game was created to give the player the thrill of a racing game, while focusing on making a worthwhile experience that both the winning and losing player want to continue playing. Players must be aware of their own surroundings to not risk losing points, but they must at the same time note their opponent’s position so they can attack.

            The game features two-player PC gameplay on the same screen, using Xbox 360 controllers or the keyboard to control your players. Matches are short, which allows casual gamers to enjoy the game, but at the same time there is a level of mastery to be had by learning the timings of the animations and certain places where it is easier to get certain achievements. This game can also be played with a keyboard using the below key mappings:

Action Player 1 Player 2
Jump 2 8
L-elbow Q U
Up W I
R-elbow E O
Left A J
Down S K
Right D L
Dodge X Comma
Aim Remote Detonator Left-Control + Direction Key

Right-Alt + Direction Key

Fire Remote Detonator

Left-Control+ X

Right-Alt + Comma
Restart F1 F1

XBOX Controller Controls:
Move Character – Left Analog Stick
Jump – A Button
Elbow (Left and Right) – LB and RB (respectively)
Dodge – X Button
Aim Remote Detonator – Right Analog Stick
Fire Remote Detonator – Click Right Analog Stick
Pause Game – START Button