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"Pulse" and "Pulse 2"

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Pulse 2 is a music-reactive game which uses the player's own music library to dynamically incorporate music analysis together with web-accessible lyrics, text, and images based on the metadata included in the song files. They produced a web-deliverable 2D side-scroller game integrating these features that performs real-time analysis of songs in a user's music library to drive the gameplay, providing a novel form of game-music interaction. This work was presented at the IEEE Games Innovation Conference (ICE-GIC 2009) in London, England.

  • Master's Student: Christian Hahn
  • Advisors: Paul Diefenbach, Dr. Youngmoo Kim
  • Pulse music game


Surge expanded on this concept by using more analysis of the music to extract characteristics identifiable by the human ear to deform worlds and generate obstacles and environments which respond to the game world where each planet represents a song in the player's music libarary. This work was presented at SIGGRAPH Asia 2010.

  • "Surge" Master's Student: Christian Hahn
  • Advisors: Dr. Paul Diefenbach, Dr. Youngmoo Kim

2D Games

  • Butler's Bad Day — Madam is drunk, angry, and throwing glasses everywhere. Catch and return her glasses or things could get ugly.
  • Juggler — A very fun game the can get very difficult very quickly. Use your mouse to move the paddle and juggle multiple balls.
  • Elastico — Drag over the slingshot to load the ball, and release to fire. Don't let the enemies reach the bottom of the screen.
  • Nimbus — A slow, relaxing puzzle game centered around the theme of "electricity." Line up all the clouds in the correct order.
  • Butler's Bad Day
  • Juggler
  • Elastico
  • Nimbus

More 2D Games

  • Signal Slinger — Sling signals around the world in order to win this game.
  • Demolition — Demolition is the name, demolition is the game.
  • Germaphobe — Shake your body parts to get rid of annoying germs in this game.
  • Population Control — You read that right, it's time to take care of the overwhelming population of cute and fluffy animals.
  • Lifted — You are an alien visitor and need to abduct a person while they are sleeping without waking them up.
  • Switch Blade — A unique RPG/Action mix with a compelling story and amazing 2d visuals awaits you.
  • Seeker's Story — A side-scrolling action game, both fast paced and full of action.
  • Knight & Dei — Can you defeat each level by working your way to the end of the stages?